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The extraordinary story of the night flower

Marca: Cuore
Descrição Geral

In an unique way, the author puts together horror and poetry and brings her most recent creation: the magical fi gure of the night fl ower, besides paying tributes to some of the most scary icons of literature and popular imagination, such as the vampire, the werewolf, the doctor and the monster, the witch, the mummy, ghosts, zombies, an ogre. Amongst the characters presented, one who deserves a highlight is the wizard’s apprentice Edgar, a clear and straightforward homage to the famous North-American writer Edgar Allan Poe. All of those fi gures are gathered in a story that frightens and makes us laugh, surprises and charms. Those characters who accompany us for generations and up to now they are a success with children and adults. Oscar Garcia Librarian at rede SESI Creator of the Podcast O Prazer de Ler [The pleasure of reading]

  • ISBN: 9786587728551
  • Editora: Cuore
  • Assunto: juvenil