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Claire, the water drop

Marca: Cuore
Descrição Geral

In “Claire, the water drop”, the poetry leads numbered meanings of what’s beautiful, mysterious and vague, such as the hoars and the clouds, but pure as water to the eyes of sensitivity. Along the text, nature is represented by waterfalls, rivers, tempest and thunder, which can also be related to family interactions. The smoothness of the words reminds us of the sound of dripping, mistying and dispelling. Everything is always in movement and transformation. By the end, listening to the Grandpa’s stories, Claire continues wandering, through her dreams. This reading certainly will awaken the imagination of many, induce curiosity and the desire for freedom, just like the water drop who runs wherever she wants, no matter the obstacles on her path. The artistic sensitivity of Camila Mizutani with her brushes illustrating this wonderful text from author Tânia Veiga Judar, complements the sweet and soft, however deep words, revealing the perceptions of heart and soul. Teacher Ilce Belazi, Languages postgraduate.

  • ISBN: 9786587728636
  • Editora: Cuore
  • Assunto: Infantil