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Twomorrow will never come

Marca: Cuore
Descrição Geral

Formato: 20,5 X 27.5 

Páginas : 64

Samuel is a very intelligent and studious boy. But he has a different behavior at school, he distances himself from everyone and everything, he avoids making friends and does not participate in various activities in the classroom and at the school break. His teacher, Doralice, soon realizes this and decides to help him. What’s going on with Samuel, who doesn’t seem to have fun or to even talk to anyone? Join professor Doralice and unravel the whole mystery in this exciting tale about the difficulties that certain people can suffer and not ALWAYS HAVE THE WILL OR COURAGE TO SPEAK OUT

  • ISBN: 9786587728612
  • Editora: Cuore
  • Assunto: juvenil